Pilot: Identity, Antiracism & Justice Leadership Seminar

Interactive Seminars for High School Students of the Roaring Fork School District​

Focused on personal student-experiences, this text-based seminar engages annual cohorts (up to 12 students per group) in ten 90-minute interactive sessions, punctuated by action-oriented outcomes. Sessions are facilitated by skilled moderators of the Aspen Institute's Executive Leadership Seminars. Program goals include deeper conversations about the complexities of identity and equity, within Roaring Fork schools, among students and teachers, as well as parents and the broader community. 

  • Focus on a stronger relationships of trust and mutual understanding, as well as a richer understanding of intersectionality in school and society;
  • Creative action for a more free, just and equitable place of learning and living 
  • Curriculum may include visual arts, music and printed texts which might include selections from authors: Martin Luther King, Jr., Elizabeth Alexander, Richard Rodriguez, Chimamanda Adichie, Chuang Tzu, Pablo Neruda, and Gloria Anzaldúa.
  • Themes include: Belonging, Identity, Liberty, Equality, Justice, Empowerment, Community, and the Future.

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