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Hurst Community Initiative Pitkin Eagle Garfield County Colorado Aspen Institute

At home in the Colorado Rockies for nearly 75 Years


Facilitating Collaborative Solutions to Shared Challenges of the 

Roaring Fork & Colorado River Valleys

We believe we're all better when we work together.

Here at Aspen Institute, we drive change through

dialogue, leadership, and action to help solve the greatest challenges of our time in service of a more free, just, and equitable society.

From Parachute to Aspen, Colorado, the Hurst Community Initiative works with elected officials, non-elected

community leaders, nonprofits, educational institutions, immigrants, businesses, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, state agencies, community organizers, and industry innovators.

In our second three years (2024-2026), we are busy getting to know our regional needs and the professionals already working to support the community. The HCI project portfolio represents a wide range of ongoing community initiatives in various stages of concept to implementation. In some cases, HCI is taking the lead to facilitate projects and in other cases, we are simply contributing members of a much broader community effort. In this way, we're strengthening relationships, building trust, identifying gaps, and leveraging a collaborative approach to regional solutions. This helps position the Hurst Community Initiative to take the lead on future initiatives as we continue to develop HCI's long-term commitment to the region.

The Hurst Community Initiative 3-Part Mission:

Giving a Speech


Three Coworkers

Increase Understanding 

Facilitate Collaboration

With a focus on equity and belonging, we amplify and support projects that promote:

Economic Resilience


Economies are strongest when they're diverse, responsive to the needs of the local community, and built on a wide variety of industries — where everyone has opportunity to participate, pursue upward mobility, and benefit equitably.

HCI serves as the founding community liaison of the Colorado River Valley Economic Development Partnership, focused on strengthening regional economies, entrepreneurial ecosystems, workforce training, and job creation. 





Housing stability starts with innovative solutions to affordability, inventory, financing, and equitable access to building generational wealth for individuals across the continuum of permanent housing to homelesness.

HCI provides administrative and community outreach support for the new West Mountain Regional Housing Coalition, focused on "development neutral" housing solutions across Pitkin, Eagle & Garfield Counties.



Friends Party


Socially emotionally resilient communities enjoy equitable access to food & housing stability, social services that support physical and mental health, vibrant natural ecosystems, educational enrichment, professional development, and community connectivity.


With support from the Colorado Health Foundation, HCI is the site lead for a year-long regional Project Play Initiative focused on assessing barriers & opportunities for youth and young adults to participating in play, sports, and outdoor recreation.  


Image by Mike Newbry


In small communities, when something goes wrong, everyone shows up to help. Partnering with a wide range of public and private agencies we're helping to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from any & all disasters in the tri-county area.


Working closely with inter-agency emergency management operations and inter-governmental agencies from Pitkin, Eagle, and Garfield Counties, we're committed to responding quickly, effectively and equitably to any scenario that impacts the region.



Fight for the things you care about,

but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Hurst Community Initiative
Hurst Community Initiative
Hurst Community Initiative
Hurst Community Initiative
Hurst Community Initiative
Aspen Institute Colorado Roaring Fork Valley Colorado River Valley Aspen Glenwood Springs Rifle Parachute Colorado

We drive change through dialogue, leadership, and action to help solve the greatest challenges of our time.

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