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We believe we're all better when we work together.

"The goal in rolling out the HCI Town Hall Speaker Series is to help amplify the most critical conversations being had in municipalities across the region. We want to encourage residents to better understand the complexity of how different issues impact the regional community. The nuance among micro-communities and their respective local experts helps illuminate the common ground we share -- and helps to build societal trust among the leaders exploring collaborative solutions. Not only is this series intended for a local audience, but it's also a great platform for a series of case studies in innovative strategies taking place across rural America. In many ways, the Roaring Fork and Colorado River Valleys truly are taking an innovative approach to solving regional problems." 

Evan Zislis, Director of Community Engagement

Hurst Community Initiative| Aspen Institute

Hurst Community Initiative Town Hall Speaker Series is a collaboration between the regional libraries and chambers of commerce between Parachute and Aspen. Together, we're engaged in topics of interest to our local officials, businesses, and residents alike — strengthening relationships and building community along the way.


2021 Town Hall Speaker Series Archive

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