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Convening Community Leaders for Over 70 Years

Facilitating Collaborative Solutions to Shared Challenges of the 

Roaring Fork & Colorado River Valleys

We believe we're all better when we work together.

From Parachute to Aspen, Colorado, the Hurst Community Initiative works with elected officials, non-elected

community leaders, nonprofits, educational institutions, immigrants, businesses, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, state agencies, community organizers, and industry innovators.

We invite YOU to join us.

Hurst Leadership Seminar

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for Elected Officials & Non-Elected Community Leaders

Community leaders from across the region meet to discuss what makes a fair, equitable and just society.

Together, we're exploring personal values, public policy, and our individual and collective commitment to the public good.



  • 12 interactive sessions between October and April (with a break for the holidays)

  • Tuition cost is 100% subsidized by the Hurst Community Initiative, our investment in community leaders

  • Discussions are facilitated by Todd Breyfogle, Colorado native and Managing Director of the

       Aspen Institute's Executive Leadership Seminars

  • All cohorts meet virtually via Zoom until COVID-19 circumstances allow for in-person convenings.


Annual cohorts are assembled to maximize diversity and ensure equitable representation from each community throughout the region. Limited availability in each cohort. Participants are requested to remain engaged through the entirety of the seminar season.

To learn more about participating in upcoming cohorts, email

Hurst Leadership Seminar


  •    Public Officials

  •    Mayors

  •    Town Managers

  •    City Councilors

  •    County Commissioners

  •    Community Organizers

  •    School District Officials

  •    School Board Members

  •    Educators & Teachers

  •    College Officials

  •    Entrepreneurs

  •    Business Owners

  •    Industry Innovators

  •    Nonprofit Leaders

  •    Media Innovators

  •    Philanthropists

To participate in upcoming cohorts, email

Roaring Fork and Colorado River Valleys

Collaborative Cohorts Working on Shared Challenges of the Roaring Fork & Colorado River Valleys


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Working in collaborative cohorts, Aspen Institute convenes regional elected officials and non-elected community leaders with industry innovators to boldly tackle the most pressing challenges of our time.


Areas of Focus:

For more information and to get involved, email

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Seed Funding for High-Impact Regionally Collaborative Solutions

Through the generous support of local philanthropists, state agencies and regional foundations, we seek to support seed-funding for vetted initiatives designed to maximize the collective effort. Through collaborative cohorts, we boldly tackle the pervasive issues of the Roaring Fork & Colorado River Valleys. Together, we're strategically leveraging industry expertise and dedicated donor dollars to measurably improve quality of life among the communities of our region.