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What we're working on now

Our local portfolio is focused on regional priorities.

From Parachute to Aspen, Colorado, the Hurst Community Initiative works with elected officials, non-elected

community leaders, nonprofits, educational institutions, immigrants, businesses, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, state agencies, community organizers, and industry innovators.

In our first three years, we are busy getting to know our regional needs and the professionals already working to support the community. The HCI project portfolio represents a wide range of ongoing community initiatives in various stages of concept to implementation. In some cases, HCI is taking the lead to facilitate projects and in other cases, we are simply contributing members of a much broader community effort. In this way, we're strengthening relationships, building trust, identifying gaps, and leveraging a collaborative approach to regional solutions. This helps position the Hurst Community Initiative to take the lead on future initiatives as we continue to develop HCI's long-term commitment to the region.

HCI Currently Provides Leadership & Support Focused on 3 Regional Priorities:

Bicycle Repair Shop

Economic Vitality     Proposal Website

Colorado River Valley Economic Development Partnership (CRVEDP)
•  Regional, Multi-Jurisdictional, Multi-Agency Collaborative
•  Exploring Regional Strategies to Strengthen Workforce Opportunities in the CRV Region
•  Working in Collaboration with the Town Managers of Parachute, Rifle, Silt, and New Castle + 
    Multiple State Agencies, Area Governments of Northwest Colorado (AGNC), Small Business
    Development Center (SBDC), Colorado Mountain College, Garfield County, & Many Others
•  HCI Serves as the Founder and Administrative Facilitator of the CRVEDP

Mommy and Me

Housing Stability

West Mountain Regional Housing Coalition, 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization
•  Regional, Multi-Jurisdictional Collaborative 
•  Exploring Innovative Solutions to Affordability, Inventory, and Financing
•  Leveraging Early Successes in Eagle County to Better Understand Regional Options
•  Engaging Counties, Municipalities, Local Housing Authorities, and other Stakeholders to 
    Capture American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funds Allocated for Regional Investment

•  HCI Serves on the Community Outreach Committee Focused on Regional Engagement

High School Friends

Social Emotional Resilience

Project Play Initiative (with Financial Support from Colorado Health Foundation)
•  Regional, Multi-Agency Initiative Investigating Barriers to Local Youth from Participating in 
    Sports, Athletics, and Outdoor Recreational Opportunities 
•  18 Month Needs Assessment Serves as a Mechanism to Work with Stakeholders to Identify
    Inequities Associated with Access to Healthy Lifestyles & Community Support-Structures that
    Promote Socially and Emotionally Resilient Youth and Families
•  HCI Serves as the Primary Site Lead for the Project Play Initiative, Serving Aspen to Parachute

Image by Mike Newbry

Disaster Preparedness

West Mountain Regional COAD
•  Regional, Multi-Jurisdictional Collaborative Community Organizations Active in Disaster
•  Working in Preparation for, Response to, and Recovery of Regional Disasters
•  Serving the Communities of Pitkin, Eagle, and Garfield Counties, Working in Close
    Collaboration with Emergency Management Operations, Law Enforcement, Emergency
    Medical Services, Regional School Districts, American Red Cross, and Nonprofits
•  HCI Serves as a Founding Member and Co-Chair of the Community Outreach Committee

Additional Special Projects

College Friends

Youth Leadership Development

"Tomorrow's Voices" Course for Juniors & Seniors of the Roaring Fork School District
•  Collaborative Team-Taught Curricula Facilitated by AO Forbes, Aspen Center for
    Environmental Studies, Colorado Rocky Mountain School, & the Hurst Community Initiative
•  Fall Semester: American History through Social Justice, Anti-Racism, and Civic Engagement
•  Spring Semester: Environmental Sustainability through Deep Ecology & Climate Justice
•  College Credits Administered through University of Colorado, Denver
•  HCI Serves as a Co-Instructor Convening Students in a Weekly 2.5-Hour Seminar 

Business Owner

Regional Financial Empowerment Initiative

Initiatives of LaMedichi: The Savings Collaborative
•  Regional Initiative to Promote Financial Literacy and Equitable Access to Capital & Financing
•  Serving Low-Income and Immigrant Communities of the Region and Across Colorado
•  HCI Serves as a Community Partner Focused on Developing Industry Relationships with the
    Policy Programs of the Aspen Institute that Promote Financial Equity in Rural America

Digital Nomad

Glenwood Springs Housing Stability Coalition

Initiatives to Support the Continuum of Homelessness in and Around Glenwood Springs, CO
•  Regional, Multi-Agency Initiative Focused on Equitable Access to Stable Housing 
•  Emphasis on Emergency Housing, Pathways to Permanent Housing, and Eviction Prevention
•  HCI Serves as a Founding Steering Committee Member and Ad Hoc Member of the
    Community Outreach Committee

Sporty Teens

Mental Health Peer-Support Services (NEW Proposal)

Programs that Support the Latino Community of the Roaring Fork & Colorado River Valleys
•  Regional, Multi-Agency Initiative(s) to Support Community-Centered Mental Health Services
•  Bi-Lingual and Bi-Cultural Programming Utilizing Local Members of the Latino Community
•  Focus on Trained, Adult-Supervised Peer-Support Groups
•  Emphasis on Evidence-Based Training & Licensed Supervision from Local Service Providers 
•  HCI Serves as a Coordinator Between Direct-Service Providers and Community Leaders of
    the Latino Community (Status: In Early Stages of Program Proposal with Aspen Hope Center