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What we're working on now

Our local project portfolio is growing all the time.

From Parachute to Aspen, Colorado, the Hurst Community Initiative works with elected officials, non-elected

community leaders, nonprofits, educational institutions, immigrants, businesses, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, state agencies, community organizers, and industry innovators.

In our first three years, we are busy getting to know our regional needs and the professionals already working to support the community. The HCI project portfolio represents a wide range of ongoing community initiatives in various stages of concept to implementation. In some cases, HCI is taking the lead to facilitate projects and in other cases, we are simply contributing members of a much broader community effort. In this way, we're strengthening relationships, building trust, identifying gaps, and leveraging a collaborative approach to regional solutions. This helps position the Hurst Community Initiative to take the lead on future initiatives as we continue to develop HCI's long-term commitment to the region.

Right now, HCI is facilitating or supporting regional stakeholders on a variety of projects, including:

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[more coming soon]